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Calm Your Anxious Mind

Calm Your Anxious Mind teaches participants how to alleviate stress, worry, fear and panic. This group is also helpful to those experiencing mild to moderate depression.

A combination of hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and relaxation training teaches participants to feel in control of their emotional and physiological states.

During the 6 weeks, group participants will be instructed in the use of self-hypnosis, and other relaxation and meditative techniques.

Through dialog and meditations, participants will get a better understanding of fear, panic, and anxiety, as we explore these states and learn to recognize that they do not define us and that they come and go like all other states of mind.

The development of compassion for ourselves and others will also be a focus, as this is a prerequisite for a calm, peaceful mind .

Additionally, many behavioral techniques will be taught to show participants how to quickly turn off the body's fight/flight response and return it to a state of calm.

Various groups are available throughout the week, day and evening.  Groups are limited to 8 participants.

This group requires a 6 week commitment.

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Call Lynn for specific times and to register. 727-698-4456.

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