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Click Client Login to access my e-records system (this is my private practice account on the site).

Then select " Patient " under Who are you?

To complete the login process, enter the User ID and Password you were provided.

Once you are logged in you may change the password.

You must complete the required documents online before coming to your initial session.  Here is how to access, create, and save those documents.

Please note that the e-records system provider has recently changed their system -- which now requires a few extra steps to find/create/save the required documents. will be changing the system soon, re-implementing the prior, and much easier method -- but for now, please follow these instructions, which will accomplish the same goal.

1. At the left side of the Home screen, Click on " Documents " to find, create and complete the required documents.

2. On the next screen (called "Documents"), click on " Create New Document "

3. Use the drop down menu to select a document/form, then click on " Create Document " to open that form and enter the requested information.

4. After you save/sign a document, repeat #3 until you have created and completed, saved/signed all eight (8) documents.

If you are using insurance, please fill in all insurance information, even if you did so on another form.

Please be sure to provide complete and accurate information before you electronically sign and date each document.

Please note that while manuevering within the e-records system:
1. Only use the "<<Back" or the "Home" links that are provided by the e-records system. (Do NOT use the browser's back arrow/button.)
2. To log off the system, click on "Sign out" located on the far right side.

Thank you.

Lynn Barrett Stone
Psychotherapist, MSW, LCSW

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